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In Her Words

Canadian girls and women consistently participate in recreational sport at lower rates than boys and men regardless of income level, education, culture, or geography.

Though we have very little information about physical activity and sport participation of people with a disability, we have some data that show girls and women with disabilities are less active than boys and men with disabilities and less active than those without disabilities.

In Her Words is a novel project that explored the physical activity and recreational sport experiences of mothers with disabilities – for their own health and well-being, and as mentors to their school-aged daughters (9-15 years). Eight women (all mothers with disabilities), through virtual interviews and a focus group, shared what physical activity and recreational sport means to them, the unique barriers they face, and what is needed for them to remain active participants and role models. Based on our discussions, we have provided recommendations that we hope will influence community practice and policy to reduce barriers and facilitate the participation of mothers with disabilities in physical activity and recreational sport.