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Workshop #2 — Understanding How Facility Design Can Support the Use of Facilities by Girls, Women and People of Diverse Gender Identities

Awareness of diversity, inclusion, accessibility and equity is changing and changing the physical environment that provides the backdrop for sport and recreation. By designing facilities that consider all human beings and by supporting the cause of girls, women and people of diverse gender identities, barriers can be broken down and thus positively influence participation in the programs offered in the facilities.
This workshop will focus on two basic elements related to gender equity and the design of recreation facilities:

  • Universal design of facility infrastructure (“gender mainstreaming”) to respect gender equality
  • Methods to “advocate” for changes (minor modifications, upgrades, new construction) in facility design in favor of gender equity with various stakeholders (e.g. funders, current participants, seasoned volunteers and staff members)

This interactive workshop focused on finding solutions for the design of installations respecting gender equity and will propose several models of installations.

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