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On July 28, the federal government announced the details of the Active Transportation Fund (ATF). CPRA recently held an active transportation consultation to provide input into the development of this fund. The ATF will provide planning, design, and capital dollars. Municipalities are eligible recipients.

The Active Transportation Fund (ATF) is a national, merit-based contribution program intended to support projects that improve active transportation infrastructure across Canada. Announced in March 2021, the Fund will make available $400 million over five years to help build new and expanded networks of pathways, bike lanes, trails and pedestrian bridges, as well as support Active Transportation planning and stakeholder engagement activities.

By increasing the amount and quality of active transportation infrastructure, the Fund’s goal is to generate economic, environmental and social “Triple bottom line” benefits for Canadians. More specifically, the Fund seeks to:

  • Improve community connections and promote social equity amongst vulnerable Canadians;
  • Make travel by active transportation easier, more convenient and enjoyable, and enhance user safety and security;
  • Encourage people to choose active transportation over personal vehicles (including supporting walking and cycling to access transit);
  • Reduce GHG emissions in the transportation sector, supporting the goals of the Strengthened Climate Plan; and
  • Support the Canadian economy through a reduction in congestion, the creation of construction jobs and enhanced access via active transportation modes to businesses.

The Fund will also support Canada’s National Active Transportation Strategy, which is being launched simultaneously with the Fund.

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