The application period is now closed.


CPRA encourages all Canadian municipalities and Indigenous communities to apply for funding. Private sport organizations are not eligible.

There will be one annual call for applications to the Gender Equity in Recreational Sport: Community Grants Initiative, which will happen in the fall.

Eligible organizations can apply directly to CPRA via an online application.

Organizations may submit up to a maximum of two (2) applications per funding cycle. Funding is awarded annually, and must be used within one year (12 months) of award.

CPRA reserves the right to award less funding than requested based on budget availability.

The Application Form consists of four sections:

  1. Organization details and contact information
  2. Activity Description
  3. Budget Description
  4. COVID-19 Considerations (*new for 2020)

Activity Description

The Activity Description will ask questions about your project, and aims to address each of the elements presented in the Evaluation Criteria section.

The Activity Description should include:

  • A brief description of the project/intervention. What issue will this project address, and how will you address it?
  • How will this project increase the participation and/or retention of woman and girls in recreational sport in Canada?
    • Supporting the implementation of community level interventions
    • Supporting knowledge sharing and/or development of tools and resources
    • Supporting efforts to address known barriers to participation and/or retention
    • Supporting the evaluation of interventions
  • A specific link to barriers faced by 1 or more of the priority groups identified below and how the project aims to increase their participation and/or retention:
    • Girls aged 9-15 yrs
    • Moms (post natal and/or moms with school aged children)
    • Women 55+
    • Girls or women with intersecting identity factors
  • A description of an evidence-based model/approach that will be used in the development of this project
  • A specific timeline for the project. Note that project timeline may not exceed 12 months
  • Details about the project team. ie: their skills, training and expertise

Budget Description

The Budget Description must be uploaded in PDF format and must not exceed one page in length.

The Budget Description should include:

  • Total funds requested
  • A detailed description of how the grant money will be used, referencing specific “Allowable Costs”

Evaluation Criteria

If an applicant organization successfully meets the Eligibility Criteria, their application will be reviewed. Priority areas for adjudication are:

Potential Impact

  • Demonstration that the project aligns with the Community Grant objectives
  • Demonstration of a specific link to barriers faced by one of these groups: girls (age 9-15); moms (post-natal and with school age children); women 55+ or girls with intersecting identify -factors and intergenerational programs
  • Demonstration that the project aims to increase participation opportunities and retention for girls and women in recreational sport


  • Demonstration that the intervention plan/design/timeline is appropriate, realistic, and feasible (especially in the context of COVID-19)
  • Demonstration that an evidence-based model/approach is used in the proposal
  • Demonstration that the applicant(s) have the skills, knowledge, expertise and capacity to complete the work proposed

Applications for the 2021-22 funding cycle are due October 1, 2021.

If you require assistance with the application process, please email