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The Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA) is a national organization dedicated to realizing the full potential of parks and recreation as a major contributor to community health and vibrancy. Membership includes the 13 provincial and territorial parks and recreation associations and their extensive networks of service providers in over 90% of Canadian communities. CPRA collaborates with a host of other national organizations operating in the recreation, physical activity, environmental, facilities, sport, public health, crime prevention and social services arenas. Over the course of its 78-year history, CPRA has become a credible and strong national leader in our sector.

In addition to our advocacy on the benefits of parks and recreation, we provide our members with the information, resources and the professional development they can use to make a difference in their own community. Through broad-based community involvement, we find solutions to social challenges, influence policy direction and generate momentum towards community quality of life.

This CPRA effort is supported by the Government of Canada (Parks Canada) as part of their commitment to the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy program. This Parks Canada contribution supports the employment of youth, including those facing barriers to employment, in conservation and the enjoyment of natural and cultural heritage across Canada.