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The application period is now closed. All project funding has been allocated.



Aligned with the overarching goal of the CPRA Green Jobs Initiative, a new Youth Training component has been developed to build skills and capacity in the Canadian parks and recreation sector.  To meet this objective, the CPRA Green Jobs Initiative: Youth Training Component will provide direct funding to eligible organizations that will enable training and skills development in youth (those aged 15 to 30).  This effort will:

  • Prepare youth for entry into the workforce;
  • Build skills; and
  • Build capacity in the parks and recreation sector, allowing more Canadians to participate in the enjoyment of natural and cultural heritage across Canada.


This program will provide direct financial support to local governments (municipalities, Indigenous communities, etc.) and other sector organizations. Organizations – not youth – are the applicants to this program.

See applicant and youth eligibility criteria here.

Eligible training programs:

In order to qualify for funding, training programs must provide successful youth with a certificate of completion.

Examples of eligible programs include: HIGH Five training, lifeguard training, hike leader certification, sustainable trails certificate, wilderness first aid, outdoor officials, outdoor equipment operator licenses, etc.

Applicants must articulate how, thanks to this training, more Canadians will participate in the enjoyment of parks, and natural and cultural heritage across Canada.


  • CPRA will administer subsidies to eligible applicants to support training and skills development of eligible youth.
  • Subsidies (up to 50% of total training cost) will be provided upon successful completion of training
  • The maximum funding request is $20,000 per applicant

CPRA reserves the right to fund fewer youth than the number requested based on budget constraints and quality of applications received.

Allowable costs:

The following expenditures are eligible for funding:

  • Registration fees
  • Instructor fees
  • Facility rental fees
  • Coursework materials
  • Travel costs
  • Other costs directly related to the delivery of the training

CPRA will provide 50% of the total training cost. The applicant must cover the other 50% via non-federal funding or in-kind contribution.


All training opportunities must be delivered no later than April 30, 2022.


Applications will be reviewed weekly, and funding will be awarded on a first come, first served basis.

The application period will be open until March 18, 2022, or until all project funding has been allocated.

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