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Professional staff who are responsible for playground equipment have an incredibly important job. They are helping ensure the safety of toddlers, children and youth across this country and in local neighbourhoods. If you are one of these dedicated staff, you – and your employer – can be confident in taking on this role by having up-to-date theoretical and practical knowledge about playground safety and by confirming this knowledge through the completion of the Playground Inspector Certification courses.

Playground Inspector Certification

The Canadian Certified Playground Inspector program is offered through the Canadian Playground Safety Institute (CPSI) and supported by the Canadian Parks and Recreation Association (CPRA). Certified instructors have developed the Theory and Practical courses, which are traditionally offered at classroom locations regionally across the country. The classroom courses include one and a half days of training and an exam. However, because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, CPSI has moved the courses to online and webcast/online versions. Those who complete both the CPSI Theory and CPSI Practical courses, and who receive a passing grade on both exams, achieve the industry-recognized status of Canadian Certified Playground Inspector. This status is valid for a three years and can be renewed by completing a recertification exam either online or in the classroom.


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