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The climate emergency is one of the biggest challenges facing our planet. Canada ratified the Paris Agreement and has joined other nations in committing to keep average global temperature rise below 2°C.

Parks and natural spaces provide ecosystem services that position our sector to have a significant impact in responding globally to the changing climate by capturing carbon, storing and cleaning stormwater, cooling our city streets, and protecting communities.

Recreation and sport infrastructure consume significant amounts of carbon-based fuels to heat and cool facilities and operate equipment such as swimming pools and arenas. These facilities should be retrofitted or designed to use less energy and cleaner energy technologies to contribute to achieving community-level carbon emission reduction targets that will slow global temperature rise.

To increase the climate resilience of the natural systems and the infrastructure under our stewardship, we need to accelerate our climate actions. Informed by science, CPRA will commit to playing a supporting role for government policy and establishing partnerships and opportunities that build the capacity of the sector.