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That the government engage in a formal consultation process with the recreation, sport, and physical activity sector, and other relevant experts, to develop and implement a well-funded strategy to increase participation in upstream preventative health measures, leading to enhanced quality of life for Canadians and alleviating strain on our healthcare system.

The Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) estimated that in 2022 total health spending in Canada was expected to be $331 billion or $8,563 per Canadian. This is not sustainable. Investing in health promotion will significantly reduce the burden of chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer, and mental illness, while also fostering social inclusion.

In addition to broadly improving wellbeing, it is increasingly clear that population health is an economic asset. This investment will help the government deliver on its promise “to provide high-quality and timely healthcare Canadians expect and deserve” by reducing the burden on that system.

How can CPRA help?

At the time of submission, CPRA and the Canadian Fitness and Lifestyle Research Institute (CFLRI) are in the final stages of a comprehensive research project, the goal of which is to calculate the social, health, environmental, and economic value of sport, physical activity, recreation, and parks in Canada. This data can inform the recommended consultations; we will happily and freely share the report with anyone who will benefit from it.