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That the government invest $3M in CPRA through the Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation Council (SPARC) to renew the Framework for Recreation in Canada ($500,000) and invest in CPRA’s ability to support the sector’s implementation of the Framework in the community ($250k/year for 10 years).

Everyone in Canada should be able to participate in community recreation/sport fully and safely. For most Canadians, that means local community-based recreation for health, enjoyment, and belonging. This investment would advance goals in the Common Vision and the Canadian Sport Policy (CSP), which emphasize the importance of grassroots participation and the vital role community recreation facilities play in sport and physical activity.

Like the CSP, the Framework, first supported by the federal government in 2015, requires updating (currently scheduled for 2025). The Framework aligns with the CSP and provides a structure under which sport and community recreation can work together to provide quality sport/recreational experiences for more Canadians.

How can CPRA help?

CPRA can coordinate the updates to the Framework outlined above. We can also leverage our position to engage grassroots community organizations, facility operators, F/P/T sporting organizations, other NGOs, and the Department of Sport and Physical Activity in a discussion about how to apply existing policies and create new initiatives to increase grassroot participation in community recreation. Grassroot recreation and sport enhance physical and mental health and foster inclusion and community cohesion.